Client Testimonials

It’s time for change, let Hypnotherapy be your catalyst for change

Client Testimonials

Hypnotherapy helping you to leave the past behind

Client Testimonials

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To those who have placed their trust in me and allowed me the privilege of working with them,
I offer my heartfelt thanks.

My joy comes from seeing my clients succeed, read what a few have said about their experience.

Treating Anxiety
I have suffered with severe anxiety for as long as I can remember. Over the years, I tried to treat my anxiety with all sorts of different medications, but they were only a band aid, and my anxiety has always returned. My husband and I separated almost 2 years ago, and since then my anxiety has been probably the worst it has ever been. So I decided to try hypnotherapy for the first time ever.

My session with Maxine was extremely relaxing and I instantly felt the calming effects. I left there, not expecting any results, but there has definitely been big changes within me, after just one session! I am so much calmer in situations that would normally upset me so much more, and because of this, I can now handle these situations so much better than before. Even family members have commented on how much calmer I seem to be. I will definitely be returning for more sessions of hypnotherapy with Maxine, and I am very hopeful that in time, I can possibly rid myself of the terrible anxiety I have known for so long.

Janine C.

Sugar Addiction
Sugary foods have always been a problem for me, I seemed to crave sweet things especially after dinner watching TV  I’d  never been able to stop myself I’d try, but it would only last a couple of days and then I’d be back to my old ways and getting my sugar fix. The hypnotherapy was relaxing and after one session with Maxine I was surprised that I could reduce my sugary food heaps.  I now control it better and am only having sugar a few days a week. I feel back in control.

Naomi T

I was finding myself procrastinating with certain tasks to grow my business. I came to see Maxine to gain some help as I’d had success with hypnosis previously in my life. Maxine was very professional and the environment she created was very comfortable, safe and friendly. I honestly don’t remember much of the session beyond the incredibly comfortable chair. Clearly my unconscious mind took over. Since visiting Maxine, I have noticed that my procrastination tactics have significantly decreased allowing me to get past the jobs I didn’t want to do and on to the tasks that I love. I would highly recommend Maxine for anyone seeking help with hypnosis.

James C

Managing Anxiety
Maxine’s warm and professional manner made my experiences of hypnotherapy really comfortable and positive. I am really grateful for the experience and can better manage anxiety now after only a few sessions.

Thank you Maxine.

Angela (Registered Nurse)

Study Motivation VCE to Uni
Maxine’s sessions helped me focus and concentrate, along with improving my ability to recall the information I had studied in high pressure situations such as exams. It also provided me with the capability to stay calm and not become overwhelmed by the immense workload that year 12 had to offer.

As a VCE student I found the sessions extremely effective during my exam period, ultimately leading to me receiving the results I needed to get into my first preference university course at Monash.

Mikaela B

Sugar Cravings
I was a bit of a skeptic before trying Hypnotherapy. Using Hypnotherapy and the Australian Bush flower essences Maxine has somehow managed to help me cut the sugar cravings I was having. I still eat sugar sometimes but am now not a slave to all those late night Tim Tam binges.  If anyone has something in their life that needs to be modified I can’t recommend Maxine highly enough she provides a very professional service.

Harry D