Want to stop smoking? Frustrated by previous attempts then it’s time to give Hypnotherapy a go

Quit Smoking with the help of Hypnotherapy

Say No to damaging your health and your financial wellbeing, Quit smoking for good with the help of Hypnotherapy

Quit Smoking with the help of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help free you from your addiction to smoking

Quit Smoking with the help of Hypnotherapy

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Quit Smoking With Hypnotherapy

Want to quit smoking but can’t?  Then Hypnotherapy is your ally!

I once asked a client what it was he liked about smoking the answer was “I like everything about it; the routine, lighting up, inhaling, it’s like an old familiar friend” I then asked “would you want to keep a friend that has the potential to kill you?”

So consciously you really want to stop smoking,  you understand the pros and cons and you absolutely know you ought to quit, but the powerful subconscious is in control and continues to undermine and sabotage your efforts to give up cigarettes, the result being you continue to be a smoker in spite of your determination and continued resolutions.

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Will Power doesn’t work – But why?                                                                             

Willing yourself to stop smoking won’t work if there’s underlying issues or beliefs that support the habit. These triggers frequently lie in the subconscious mind and they wage war on your will and your resolution to change; you need help.

As a qualified Hypnotherapist I understand that the subconscious can be misguided believing that it’s in some way helping you, so the belief it took on for whatever reason, needs to be changed; this is where hypnotherapy comes into its own.

Have no doubt, if there’s a struggle between the conscious and subconscious mind-it’s a no brainer-the subconscious will win every time.

Give up the struggle using Hypnotherapy                                                                             

Why struggle to quit smoking, take advantage of what Hypnotherapy has to offer. Hypnotherapy not only helps you to deal with the physical withdrawal but to manage the situational triggers and ritual aspects of your smoking addiction, all in all giving you a far greater chance to make the lasting change you want.

Hypnotherapy has the capacity to help you to stop smoking.  Working with the subconscious mind, we can eliminate associated causes that generate the need to smoke. Hypnosis allows both parts of the mind, the conscious and subconscious to work together, rather than against each other.

You might ask what does hypnotherapy offer? What can I expect?

Hypnotherapy offers you a powerful ally in your corner working for you, helping you to create change.                                                                                                      During your quit smoking hypnotherapy session I use positive suggestions and techniques that help to re-frame your subconscious beliefs and thoughts, this then has a flow on effect that changes your smoking behaviour, in other words your thoughts now support you to quit smoking.

Hypnotherapy delivers effective treatment, giving you the best shot at quitting smoking and breaking the habit for good.

My Hypnotherapy practice is based in Cranbourne North. I offer services in Cranbourne, Cranbourne North, Cranbourne West, Dandenong, Berwick, Pakenham, Officer, Narre Warren, Narre Warren South, and Clyde.

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